Tina Tarr Design
I’ve got a client, a goldsmith. A great guy
and a peach of a client. Sells upscale, custom-
made, absolutely stunning jewelry. Which he
wants to sell. So, he needs some ads. Ads that
have a certain look. A look that differentiates
him from his competition. A look that’ll appeal
to a clientele that’s more savvy than your
regular jewelry-box-store-customer. And, he
wants the ads to be a little irreverent, a little
edgy. Yet elegant. And, of course, memorable.
So, we take some great photos. Execute a
simple, clean design. Write some smart copy.
Smarty-pants headlines we call them.
One day he says to me, "Hmm, smarty-pants...
maybe that’s what your brand should be."
So, if you want to work with someone who
thinks outside the box, somebody who can
separate you from the crowd, contact me.
We’ll do some really smart work, together.